posted by pfv on August 13, 2010.

You told me before
That you didn’t want me anymore
Today You wrote on my wall
You texted me so
Why did you do that for
Did you feel put out
You said you knew from the start
it would Never workout for us
Not for us

You broke up with me before
Now I broke up with you on the phone
you made me feel so alone
Like a broken home
Like a falling stone
I told you “this is it” I couldn’t take it anymore
Took down the painting we both made and both ate dinner from
Off of my wall
I tried and I cried but what was that all for
What was that all for


Now it’s like I never knew you at all
Like a tiny Glycerin Qween
I fabricated with tenderness
Now its like You’ve just lost your heart
I read your messages and
I’m just not impressed
With your eloquence
You made me feel like a broken door
I loved you you know
Anyway I told you I did cuz I did before
And now i leave you With tenderness


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