star child

posted by pfv on November 18, 2015.

i worry so much it makes me sick
no one can touch me like dolphins do
i miss my father and my mother and the heaven I’ve been before
all the forests and the bees are a taking to you
they picked on you
star child
star child
don’t let them crush your heart
you can beat them all
you know where you are with
a sentimental freak
show them how to grow wings
star child
star child
i never cared before
i was swearing and defending
animals behind the walls
the fish in the water are swimming somewhere
to lift the sun into the sky
tell everybody
to hold on cuz you know we can
star child
star child
are you here with me
looking out on the day of another dream
when your close to me
call in the submarines
when you can’t get what you want
all of your heart
is reflected in the sky
star child
star child
are you here with me
we are the love we choose to ignore
speak into your eyes
star child
the world can be like child like feelings
beautiful with unicorns and rivers of peace
let me take you down
star child
star child
forever <3
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