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posted by pfv on July 1, 2010.

People From Venus – Toot Toot Yeah!

An emerging band in the alt indie scene, People From Venus offers a distinctly punk sound while continuing to incorporate electronic elements into each of their songs. Marked by dreamy synth cords over powerful guitar rifts and crisp drum sections, PFV sits somewhere in between The Black Kids for their vocal delivery and Interpol for their guitar and drum arrangements. Featuring an eight track debut LP, “Toot Toot Yeah!” is every bit as engaging as the album title suggests. A triumph of a debut, PFV has a lot to look forward to as they take their first step towards radio airtime, festival performances, and indie success.

Track 1: “Girl From Planet Earth” is a bright and upbeat opening song that immediately grabs listeners’ attentions and firmly holds on without missing a beat for the duration of the piece. A distinct punk style coupled with Paul Issac’s less imposing voice, this song toes the line between punk rock and sing-a-long pop-rock so well that neither genre could possibly describe the resulting sound that is “Girl From Planet Earth”

Track 6: “The Disappearing Boy” is a thoughtfully developed piece that features Interpol-like guitar sections throughout. Paul Issac’s vocals echo and almost float over the powerful drums and guitar while a syncopated synth is able to create a interesting contrast from the acoustic instruments. Cleverly put together, the differing acoustic, synth, and midi-programmed sounds blend together seamlessly, resulting in a full sounding and complete single.

Track 8: “LipStick” is a dynamically put together piece that highlights several changes in pace throughout, resulting in an atmosphere of almost suspenseful uncertainty as the song progresses. Opened and closed by a mysterious group of electronic tones, “Lipstick” utilizes PFV’s ability to fuse rock and electronic tones as they close their album with an extended ending that clearly displays their musical vision and talent for punk fusion.

Reviewed by Richard Henderson of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

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