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posted by pfv on November 1, 2010.

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On the Scene

At Zeke’s Roadhouse with Paul and Ari from People from Venus

by Pamela Wasabi on November 01, 2010 at 09:00AM
© Pamela Wasabi / MFb

© Pamela Wasabi / MFb

People from Venus is an electro-punk band born and raised in Miami. They might seem strange at first blush (they do refer to themselves as being from outer space) but talking to them, they seem just like everyone else. I had a double date at Zeke’s Roadhouse with Paul, PFV’s singer, and Ari, PFV’s guitar and keyboard player. There, we talked fashion in a high pitch note.

What are you wearing?

Paul: I’m wearing Roberto Cavalli a Military/soccer mix of black tennis shoes. My pants are Lindeberg, my favorite designer – all of his cuts are very expressive – for me is all about comfort. My belt is for Pop Killer from LA…The shirt I got it at Elemental on Lincoln Road. [I’m] very into this black and white duality right now. The bow tie I got from American Apparel – straight but crooked. The glasses are vintage 1960’s.

Ari: Converse, Levis and Rock and Roll – very simple.

Ok. Paul obviously you seem very rooted into the fashion scene. What are some of your favorite designers and why?

© Pamela Wasabi / MFbAlexander Wang because of its patterns, Alexandre Herchcovitch for it’s square digitalism and Diane Von Furstenberg for her organic shapes.

What’s your fashion capital?

Paul: London.

Describe your fashion style

Paul: A combination of 1997 punk rock with 1970 disco. Glitter and concrete.

Ari: Paul is the king of fashion and the rest of us just support him on our simple rock and roll style. It’s all balance. We all balance each other out.

Is People from Venus a Miami-born Band?

Miami/Atlanta/LA. PFV was born three years ago in Miami. Miami for us is a very creative place, our generation has this look in their eyes where they are ready for a change and nobody is taking “no” for an answer.

Besides music, what unifies the guys from People From Venus?

Paul: Friendship and the initiative that each member puts into the band, into each other; the balance we create – very important. Our main goal is to awaken our own selves and inspire others.

Ari: Each of us brings something different into the table.  Ben (drums) brings humility. Yerson (guitar) unity amongst us. Ari (bass and keyboards) simplicity and Paul (vocals) passion and energy.

Paul: A mess! But I try not to mess it up.

…And what qualifies someone to be from Venus?

Paul: Be a non-conformist.

Ari: Love each other as you love yourself. Don’t be scare to show it.

Paul: Break every rule and wall that surrounds you.

Ari: Be your true-self.

How’s fashion related to music?

Paul: Fashion and music date each other and take turns driving. You can’t have one with out the other. 

Ari: They are all art forms. They let you be. 

What’s Miami’s fashion to your eyes?

Paul: It’s the underground people who are reaching towards the edge of a cliff expressing the way they are. Emotions, love, breakdowns, mess-ups. It’s a big buffet of fashion.

Any stores in particular you like to get lost in?

Paul: Fly Boutique, Thrift stores mainly.

Ari: Salvation Army in [the] Design District.

The venue/bar where you feel most at home?

Both: Purdy Lounge, Vagabond, White Room, Bardot, Electric Pickle.

Catch People From Venus on their next performance at The Electric Pickle on November 11th, 2010 for a show called the Space Invader. Psyberpixie will accompany them with her amazing visuals.

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