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posted by pfv on June 26, 2010.

Focusing our energies in response to the Gulf tragedy and for healing the waters and its inhabitants –

Dr. Masaru Emoto who many of you will recognize as the scientist from Japan who has done all the research and publications about the characteristics of water. Among other things, his research reveals that water physically
responds to emotions.

Right now, most of us have the predominantly angry emotion when we consider what is happening in the Gulf. And while certainly we are justified in that emotion, we may be of greater assistance to our planet and its life forms, if we sincerely, powerfully and humbly pray the prayer that Dr Emoto, himself, has proposed.
We at Five Sisters, and our community, (that’s you!!!) are very proactive energy workers and have the ability to HELP, SO PLEASE DO SO!!!
I know that each of you that I have met has it within in you to help this disaster… focus…picture clean clear water, cool and full of pure nutrients…..

“I send the energy of love and gratitude to the water and all the living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings. To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, plankton, coral, algae, and all living creatures. . . I am sorry. Please forgive me….Thank you….I love you.”
– Dr. Masaru Emoto

We are passing this request to people who we believe might be willing to participate in this prayer, to set an intention of love and healing that is so large, so overwhelming that we can perform a miracle in the Gulf of Mexico.

We are not powerless. We are powerful. Our united energy, speaking this prayer daily…multiple times daily….can literally shift the balance of destruction that is happening.

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