Never just like always

posted by pfv on June 17, 2010.

The Sea and dirt for the trees
Are doing it just for u
You and only you
Building feelings of brighter days
We would say isn’t it better
Never say never
Like the blood inside of you
Things move on
We are like stars
So usless unless till were in the Dark

We Just try it in our own way
Everything pink
We don’t even think
Make the world safe
Safe for us
Just cuz
It’s just we are like diamonds
The pressure sqeezes us
We turn to treaures
Even when were not together
You explain to me
You just got to be free
Come on
Come one
Conme sunshine
She’s the one the only planet
The only home we have
We hurt again and and again
Let’s love it instead
You know that we just can’t go on
This small
Tell me that I’m wrong
Say it’s all just in my head
This small
I feel like I’m all by myslef
I wish Id just forget mself
And now your mouth
would be so delicious
It’s never just like always

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