PFVTweets Nightlife: People From Venus LIVE at Sweat Records

posted by peoplefromvenus on March 18, 2010.

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People From Venus LIVE at Sweat Records
Vique M.



5505 Northeast 2nd Avenue

Miami, FL 33138

(786) 693-9309

The electro, indie, pop band, People From Venus are landing in Miami on Thursday, March 18th for a special up, close, and personal, LIVE in store performance at Sweat Records. This group has been climbing the ranks in the indie music scene with hits “Kite”, “Light War”, “Lipstick”, and more. In 2009 they were named one of the best undiscovered bands by Spin Magazine.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for them as they have exploded with popularity and to show how appreciative they are to the fans, they’re making an intergalactic trip to Miami. They’ll be celebrating the release of their debut album TOOT TOOT YEAH; which dropped on March 3rd, 2010, with an intimate performance that will feature tracks from the album for all their loyal fans.

If your not familiar with this group or their music, then let me clue you in. Their sound has been described as gritty UK Punk with a snarl with some added sexual swagger. Thier current single “Lipstick” has been heating up the airwaves all through the UK; it’s become a favorite amongst glam-rockers, trendsetters, and hipsters; see for yourself why these guys have made become such an international hit while getting to know them in a more personal setting. Whether you a loyal fan, or just an avid music enthusiast this is one group to keep your eye on, check them out on Thursday at Sweat Records. The show starts at 8pm, see you there!

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