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posted by peoplefromvenus on June 2, 2010.

People From Venus

Go “Kite”

PEOPLE FROM VENUS are not from Venus, and, despite their modern-day pop punk a la The Clash, they’re not from London either.

This Miami Beach based 4-piece has been described by Spin Magazine as a “gritty U.K. punk snarl with some added sexual swagger”. Their current single, ‘Lipstick’, has been embraced by hipsters and trend setters around the globe, with regular airplay on Pulse Radio London and college radio stations throughout the US. The underground scene of their hometown is abuzz with word of their shows that relive Andy Warhol-style post-Modernism and fire up fans with a melding of electronica and punk that inspires fun and fist shaking all at the same time. Wire Magazine called them “The best kept secret in Miami beach.” Come find out why with ‘Kite’ at

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