Idle chatter

posted by peoplefromvenus on February 23, 2010.

got in a fight
cuz you wanted
one thing
I wanted another
now my hearts
a mess
Flickers like a lightbulb
but it feels like a danceclub
we are visiual people
we do what visiual
people do
The world outside you know
like celophane planes
who knew we wouldn’t
use buttons ever again
just touching light
with my fingers
like with you when your
feeling ok
you said you take me
take me anytime
you said yould
never be the same
never feel the same
I was waiting for
your escape
in the 305

Days melt away
possesing u and
possesing me
we stumble thru this beautiful life
what your feeling
it’s only real for you
no body else can feel it
you know it’s you
who has to heal it
and this battle it’s been begining
before the time this future life
something must of happened
now they come around here
maybe you should try new anxiety pills
try not to dirty your hands
your so missunderstood
you don’t expect nothing
I’m telling you as a friend
tomorrow never ends
over and over and over again
like when you were rolling
in your head
there is no right or wrong
what if you made every day
special for me
what if everyone all around the world
was going out and making out a new style
cuz were sick of it
were good at acting out
our protest with a kiss
that’s the way we should
with all the smiles your lips can make
let’s throw myself away
I throw myself away
the way you do
that’s when I just
it’s ok to pretend
just pretend
I can’t stay here
in the same way
there’s nothing else
I can really do


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