gerson making noise

posted by pfv on December 14, 2010.

you know we all been shacked up in a flat on south beach

some of you have been over to hang out

its a mess lots of wires and things THINGS alot of THINGS

emotional things too   // Diamond dust //

during the making of “TOOT TOOT YEAH!” we lived ALOT !!!  now were kinda getting together a complete expression of the record

along with some new songs that keep materializing its beginning to grow.we have no idea what we are doing yet its honest and so small its pure

/////////////////////////                 we started off just to have a good time ///////    its completely changed me

///////       i went from red to green


///////////////////////////////  strawberry punk

Psyberpixie is now performing live on stage with us

doing  live expressive visuals

here is here home Psyberpixie VJ

so  we are in this flat now. i just took off my headphones. i can  hear gerson making such strange beautiful sounds

a thousand times more then i could ever say … what does it matter

i been singing and playing me black tele. you know were doing so many things.

mixing new song,writing,making movies,loosing our minds,i dont know i think i got it more together then ever. thats something i guess

im blinded by the colors i see………………      ///////////

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