posted by peoplefromvenus on January 5, 2010.

I’m in bed right now we went out had wine red wine it was old outside didn’t really eat got bags and high and well to be honest I’m a space junkie lol whatever . It’s all cool beans . Got way to many things to do do do ga ga ga so yeah
What else getting ready to plan our cd release party and show . Fuck artwork mixing press fucking hell
So yeah on a brighter note i see beauty in all of this
Every second every one emotions too 😉
You know we PFV have been living in an apartment in south beach mixing ect too many things lol
Anyway I go

T. No regrets just ready to fuck with the future

Angels all over me all over you too 😉

O cd release btw feb 14 th ish lol our debut
people from Venus

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