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Interview with People From Venus.

Posted by Cardinal Playlists on 03/12/2012

1) So, People From Venus, when did you begin making music? What was the first instrument you played and where did you get it?

I started making music mixing 2 vinyl records together. It was a feeling of expression mixing 2 worlds together.
Shortly after my cousin Steve gave me a guitar on my 19th b day. That changed my whole life. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for that guitar. It became my release from society i could create planets of emotion swim under water and breathe.

2) What were you listening to at the time that inspired you to make music and do those influences still matter to you today?
I was listening to the cure and Depeche Mode and the stones
Their songs are still Talking to me.

3) Tell me about the writing and recording process of your latest release and how it’s different from previous things that you’ve put out.

On this record I received all the songs in a matter of 3 t0 4 weeks. The lyrics were already written in the sky and I just had to pull what the song wanted to say. I just asked and listened. This record also was difficult because the sound was a place we as a band had never been before. It’s special in that way. I have no idea where the songs came from they just arrived . We recorded the record in our old flat in south beach. Ari was a big part of the writing process with me and Gerson who really listens to a songs soul as well. We recorded bens drums at dungeon recording studios in Miami. So we did it all our selves for the first time since we were kids. we also lived a lot durring the recordings so there’s a lot of blood and sweat in there.

4) What have you done to promote it so far?

We have gotten press from NBC, spin magazine, Miami new times, London radio. Our song “kite” was just on a red bull commercial . This all happened all by its self. No one except myself manning the wheel
We haven’t even touched the surface yet.
Hopefully we can connect with a good business team.
We got something really special this band isn’t like anything else

So we’re in the underground. Like subway trains

5) What’s your favorite song to perform live? What is the best show you’ve played and how did the crowd react to your music?

It changes depending on what is going on in my life at the moment to be honest. The best show we played hasn’t happened yet… there’s been super special ones but I guess when that happens well have to look for other things to do. They are all unique shows all covered in emotion.

All very honest. I love to bring the crowd with us. Like when we are peaking with energy and light and u are in a room with people all riding the same energy .. We change the world together .

6) What are some themes you like to explore with your music?

Simple things … The end of the world .. The beginning .. Love, life, quantum physics , goodbyes, alienation , joy I would like to explore joy and atoms

7) What are your plans for 2012?

I plan on writing and getting PFV on tour to get us together with the people in 2012. I am in Los angeles now getting that together. It’s that or die when u got an art heart. I mean there is a shift happening in our generation. An energy a new energy coming in like radio waves. Like the occupy movement thats been going on. we all want a world that is not ruled by banks and government with secret agendas. This generation is ready to get free

8) What artists are out now that you’re getting into?

Not many still love bjork , radio head , lali puna, the ramones, the stooges, I miss nirvana a lot …. I really don’t listen to that much music these days. It’s so diluted… I did pick up an old box full of cassette tapes at a place on la brea avenue. It was full of jazz and Benny goodman, frank sinatra ,ect very cool stuff.
I listen more to nature, people, and the cities heart beat.

9) Who’s the best artist that you’ve ever seen perform?

Perry farrell when we opened for him
In Canada durring Eden fest. He was channeling amazing energy . He’s a true entertainer like mick

Also micheal stipe is very special

10) Anything coming up that you want to promote?

We just launched a PFV iPhone app. You can get yours at the apple app store and it’s free for now ) It has all our videos, remixes, blogs, twitter feeds its a living thing. PFV also did the soundtrack to an indie film called “ball of love” it debuted at Raindance film festival in London. DJ COSMO also has remixed our song “future is wild” and it is getting attention these days.. You can find it on our PFV iPhone app. I will be flying to Miami beach in April to do a special show so if u are around to come jump on our spaceship ..

I got one more message just cuz …. as far from home as i am closer then I’ve ever been before.
Love your self more and the earth love the people help others, stop judgements and Inhumanities stand up for what you believe in. And don’t ever believe what “they” tell you. Rise up and hold your hands up

We’re all on this blue ball floating in space together… FOR PEACE together

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