posted by peoplefromvenus on June 5, 2010.

your making mistakes
you already made
is that what u came to earth for
begging for change
one day well be rich
one day well be poor
whats it all for
if its all just a trick

to see what youll do
when your runnin out of truth
when your brother needed you
to see what youll do
when you just cant make it through
and your heart was torn in two

your taking first steps
well never forget
left you with pictures and a broom
scratching your head
the world is a mess
nothing makes sense
whats the message
if its all just for kicks

to see what youll do
when no one is calling you
and the promises you loose
to see what youll do
when the world is so unkind
and your doubting what your fighting for

you cant feel the way you feel
and not care whats going on
right now
when the sea touches the sands
and the day i held your hands
when the fear inside of you
kept inside your shoes
slow down
slow down
theyre echoes of you
the world
just echoes of you

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