are you ready to save the world

posted by pfv on November 6, 2010.

Are you ready to save the world ? “Warrior punk // Astral light”
it  includes a nano-video
by Psyberpixie

the download is  free

featured on off the radar music
Miami’s own and OTR friends People From Venus who we’ve covered before have just released a brand spanking new track “Warrior Punk/Astral Light”. “Warrior Punk” is more of an instrumental (albeit lovely opener) until “Astral Light” the more traditional track kicks in. More mellow and one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve ever heard from PFV. Seriously lovely stuff! They are definitely showing growth and maturity in their sound and I’m loving it! They’ve been kind enough to send the track our way for our readers downloading pleasure. In addition to the MP3 Psyberpixie VJ put together this amazing nano-video for “Warrior Punk” that is truly out of this world fantastic!

Here it is the Brand new movie for ” Warrior punk // Astral light”  by Psyberpixie VJ

click to go to downl///

Here is ” Warrior punk // Astral light”  pre release

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